August 29, 2016



We provide our clients professional editing, proofreading and translations at a very competitive rate. Our translation service includes the proofreading so you will save time and money when you work with us. Contact us and will provide a personalized quote that meets your requirements.


We offer a wide range of solutions to any problem from contracts queries, manuscript marketing unique selling proposition to trends within your topic of expertise that you should not miss while writing your book, etc.
Our agency can provide you valuable guidance that will allow you to take your work to the next level. We can assist you with objective feedback on your work and can offer solutions that make a positive impact and bring results. Our agency works with publishers worldwide so we understand their market trends.
We are available for phone consultation or via Skype. You can book an individual session of 1hr duration to clear all your doubts concerning any stage of the manuscript creation. We have attractive literary consulting packages for authors (3 months, 6 months and 12 months). For further information, please contact us.


This is an excellent way to monetize your publications and to gain domestic and international exposure. Our agency specializes in Non-Fiction while also taking a selected list of Adult & Children’s Fiction writers. We handle the submission, negotiation, contracts, payments, and royalties.

Please, note that only books with English translation are accepted. Authors should check our submission guidelines before sending any material.

If you are a publisher, please contact us providing information of your catalogue or project.

This is an excellent way to make your content viral and create new sources of income and limitless possibilities of establishing new business and professional collaborations.

We can prepare and run social media campaigns for your new books. We can also run periodic analyses of social media to listen for specific key words (“mentions”) of interest with the objective of understanding and determining topics or genres that are doing well in the market and the ones that are not. For authors, we can help them manage their social media presence and reach by generating buzz surrounding their work and ensuring that it reaches the target audience.

We follow a three step approach to building/enhancing your social media presence:


This is the first step towards a successful social media strategy. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your social media presence and digital footprint to determine what’s working and what’s not. Plus, we look at your competitors or peers to share with you the best practices that you can adopt to meet and exceed the social presence of your competition.

Along with a comprehensive assessment of your social media presence, you will receive a strategic plan that is fully tailored to your business, with actionable tactics to get you from where you are today to where you want to go tomorrow.

Time Required: 2 weeks

2. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Executing the vision

We can manage your social media presence for you. Be it creating content that resonates with your brand and product or sharing that content. Key to creating a solid presence on social media is your ability to be consistent in messaging and being responsive to those who engage with you. Businesses sometimes struggle to carry out these things on their own, either due to lack of skills or time (or both). We help our clients focus on their businesses without compromising their social presence.

Not only will we manage your social presence but also carry out monthly analytics reports that help you to understand engagement patterns of your customers and optimize not only your social media strategy but also your overall business strategy.

Minimum commitment required: 6 months

3. VIDEO CONTENT CONSUMPTION ANALYTICS (Book Trailers and Video Presence for publishing houses and authors): The Growing Significance of Video Marketing

•  The impact of visual content in driving customer behaviour is significantly higher than that of non-visual content.

•  Video is the fastest growing segment in content and users are spending ever greater amount of time watching videos.

•  A strong presence on videos is not only about showcasing your products, it also helps retain customers’ mindshare and loyalty. This can be done by understanding customer behaviour better (video consumption analytics).

We employ our learning from working with the publishing industry as well as television and video on demand industries to devise ways to maximize return on investment on our clients’ video presence.


• Low budget
• Global Reach
• Market niche (following The Long Tail model)
• Business Growth (higher return on investment on marketing)

We can also create custom package tailored to meet your requirements.

Please click here to read some case studies on how our clients have benefited from our services related to Social Media Campaigns and Analytics.

We provide all these services in collaboration with our sister company Suasive Consulting and Analytics, whose insights are well regarded by the specialized media.

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