August 29, 2016


“I’ve been very happy with the work this agency has done for me! Montse is always quick to respond, informative and knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend working with this agency to sell your books in other countries.”

Laurie Wright, author of the bestselling illustrated children’s series MINDFUL MANTRAS (Canada).

“Montse discovered me through my Spanish publisher, and was quick to spot an opportunity for me to sell the language rights in several European markets. And she delivered 3 rights deals within only 12 months of me signing with her, including one with a top French publisher. She was very detailed, specific and helpful in guiding me through the signing of contracts and prompting me to take action if I missed something.

Montse is dependable for double-checking all the details with publishers, pushing for a better offer, and obtaining the best possible advances for the foreign language deals. And she also acted as my advocate, representing my interests when discussing the deals with publishers and ensuring they delivered the advance payments on time. I would recommend Montse to anyone with an English language book, looking to break into foreign language markets. She will get you deals if she thinks your book has potential!

On top of that, Montse has numerous publishing contacts worldwide so she’s likely to find those foreign rights opportunities many other agents won’t.

Thank you Montse!”

Will Jelbert, author of the bestseller THE HAPPINESS ANIMAL (USA).

“As an author, I’m thankful to have Montse help me with the negotiation and follow-ups. It allows me to focus on my writing and book promotion. She addresses my concerns efficiently and without delay. I enjoy working with her.”

Yong Kang Chan, author of the SELF-COMPASSION series (Singapore).

“After joining Montse’s agency, I had two international publishers signing up for my book within 2 weeks. For self published authors who want to go international, I definitely can recommend Montse.”

Niels van Hove, author of the bestselling illustrated children’s book MY STRONG MIND (Australia).

“Montse is a very sensitive and enthusiast agent, efficient, creative, fast and precise. She has connections with all kind of publishers, from the greatest to the most interesting small companies and she has a communicative enthusiasm. When she loves a book, people follow her with attention. And… She is a very pleasant person to work with, which is essential to me!”

Daniel Odier, author, screeenwriter, and poet. Tantric and Buddhist master (Switzerland)

“Montse has been an excellent agent to work with during this process of finding foreign publishers for my book. She has been efficient, reliable and highly motivated in her work. But she also exemplifies a commitment to higher values and an intention to make the world a better place, which is what truly sets her apart from other agents I have encountered. I will trust Montse with all my future books!”

Karen Wyatt MD, Author/Speaker on Spirituality and Health, Huffington Post Blogger (USA)

“I am working with Montse Cortazar Literary Agency from February 2012, and since then up to now (October 2012) the international projection of my work has been incessantly growing up. On the other hand, our business relationship has been very warm and friendly from the beginning. She is not only a very reliable, straight, and honest woman in her work, but also a very kind and pleasant person in her manners, easy to get on with. I earnestly recommend to work with Montse Cortazar Literary Agency.”

Grian A. Cutanda Author, psychologist, social educator and communicator, and social activist (Spain)

“Montse has shown an ability to gather very quickly a deep understanding of a very complex licensing operation. She handled our relations to clients in 60 languages and stayed on top of contracts, approval and publishing processes as well as the follow up and collecting of royalties. She showed an excellent knowledge and ability to bring herself up to date with the latest technological developments and she was able to work on her own on quite complex tasks. Her personal style in relating to people and our licensees made it a pleasure to work with her.”

Klaus Steeg, Managing Director at Osho International (New York)

“I got to know Montse when she worked for our customer Alfaomega in Madrid several years ago. We had a very good understanding right from the beginning and created a few new products together. Despite my limited command of Spanish, communication was easy because Montse speaks and writes perfect English. I was sorry when Montse left Madrid, but I was really happy to find her again in the publishing business in London just a few months later! This time she worked for Osho International Foundation, a very important licensor of ours. We continued to cooperate in the same friendly spirit and our business relationship led to a personal friendship. I wish Montse all the best for her future career and can recommend her to anyone who would like to do business with her.”

 Max Ruegg, Ex-General Manager at AG Mueller (Switzerland)

“I worked for many years with Montse, while she handled foreign rights for the Osho International Foundation, and she was constantly an example of professional integrity. At all times, even when dealing with ‘thorny’ bureaucratical matters, she was always helpful, kind and extremely effective. Montse has a keen understanding of the peculiarities of each market and her input was always priceless in our work together.”

Joana Neves, Foreign Rights Manager at Bertrand Editora (Portugal)

“I met Montse at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008 when she started working for Osho International. Since our first meeting we got along really well. I run a publishing house in Germany focused on mind-body-spirit and self-growth. She always provided me very valuable advice regarding new titles and supported rights management of the books that we licensed from Osho International. She handles her work very efficiently and is always ready to help. I strongly recommend her as a trusted advisor.”

Martina Werner, Director at Innenwelt Verlag (Germany)

“I have known Montse Cortazar for over ten years. My interaction with Ms. Cortazar revolved heavily around face-to-face meetings at the international book fairs and extensive email correspondence. Montse was working in the Editorial Department of Alfaomega, S.L. (Spain) at that time and greatly contributed to successful cooperation between Alfaomega, S.L. and Llewellyn Worldwide. I am happy to continue seeing Ms. Cortazar at various International Book Shows on different occasions. Based on my personal experience, I will gladly attest to Montse Cortazar as a reliable and trustworthy partner who has strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task. I am pleased to acknowledge that she diligently followed up on agreement deadlines, proofreading and payment schedule. I enjoyed working with Montse very much and believe she will be a valuable asset to any publishing venture.”

Oxana Schroeder, International Rights Manager, Llewellyn Worldwide (USA)

“Montse is a pleasure to work with, always on top of every detail with a warm and kind demeanor!”
Nichole Argyres, Editor at St. Martin’s Press
“I had the pleasure of working with Montse Cortazar over the course of several years during her employment at the Spanish publishing house Alfaomega. During this time Alfaomega licensed the rights for many titles published by the company I work for, and Montse expertly handled a variety of duties such as choosing titles for translation and publication, negotiating rights agreements, and managing royalty payments. In every aspect of her work, she has always been professional, highly organized, and extremely courteous. I am continually impressed by her ability to do so many things so flawlessly. On top of this, she is simply one of the nicest people I have ever worked with in the foreign rights field.  I highly recommend Montse. Her abilities and expertise are truly exceptional.”
Sarah Serafimidis, Foreign Rights Manager at North Atlantic Books